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Scientists and astronomers [Question 2]

2. Who was Pythagoras?

Pythagoras was born in 572 B.C., in Greece. He studied and travelled much. He visited India. When he was about fifty, he had to leave Greece because of political pressure, and settled in Italy. Here he worked and taught. He formed one of the schools of philosophy. Pythagoras was a pioneer in mathematics and astronomy. He was sure that the Earth and each of the other bodies in the Universe, was a sphere and that they all revolved about one central body. Pythagoras did not take the Sun as a central position, but he imagined an area of central fire. Around this there revolved ten bodies: the Sun, the Earth, the Moon, the five planets which were known at that time, heaven with its stars and a newcomer named Antichthon or "the counter-Earth". This counter-Earth could never be seen by man because it was always on the opposite side of the central fire. People could never even see the central fire because the side of the Earth upon which man lived was always turned away from it. The light and heat which reached the Earth from the central fire were reflected to the Earth by the Sun. Each of the bodies in the Pythagorean system was fixed upon the surface of one of a series of concentric spheres which revolved upon each other. The motions of these spheres in contact gave out musical tones. Man lived too close to it and could not hear the sound.

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